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Cute Wedding Hairstyles for Little Girls

An complex fishtail braid looks lovely on tiny girls and tames healthy, face-grazing hair. This young girl wedding hairdo is easy.

1. Fishtail Braid With Flowers

Braided updos are another easy wedding hairstyle for girls. It's easy. Braid each section of hair.

2. Braided Updo

The bun isn't too casual for a wedding. The sock bun offers the appearance of a fuller bun. Wave hair before tying it up for a wedding-worthy look. 

3. Classic Bun for Little Girls

This hairstyle combines the braided updo and bun. Like the braided updo, separate and braid the hair. Wrap the braids around your bun.

4. Braided Bun

Flip ponytails are easy bridal hairstyles for tiny girls. Make a low pony, separate the hair above the hair tie, and place the pony through the divide. 

5. Flip Ponytail

Flower girl hairstyles include flower braids. Create a twist braid, roll it, and let a few strands loose to form a flower.

6. Flower Braid

Curly updos are adaptable and easy bridal hairstyles for tiny girls. Playful full bangs.

7. Curly Updo with Full Bangs

Half-crown braids can make your daughter feel like a princess. Place the braid strand towards the back of her head to show off her wavy hair.

8. Half Crown Braid

Who says girls' wedding hairstyles must be formal? This top knot is playful.

9. Top Knot

Add hair ornaments to your typical braided pigtails. We recommend decorating your child's hair with daisies for a backyard wedding.

10. Decorated Pigtail Braids

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