10 Celebrity Hairstyles Make You Look 10 Years Younger

A chin-length cut creates the illusion of fullness and makes hair feel fuller. Charlize Theron's edgy bob avoids a matronly look.

Sharp bob

Ele recommends bangs only for those with a high forehead, as they can accentuate facial flaws. "Long bangs that can be swept to the side are good for forehead lines," says Ele.

Asymmetrical bangs

Dual-toned hair shows off Kristen Wiig's roots. The darker parts match her bold brunette eyebrows, while the platinum blonde bob is modern.

Choppy bob

Thick hair looks younger and more polished when it's shoulder-length or longer after 40. Short hair expands at the ends, creating an unflattering triangle. 

Shoulder-length hair with layers

Less precise bang cuts can add shape without covering your eyes and forehead. Halle Berry's long bangs have highlights, which contour her face.

Angular-cut bangs

Jennifer Aniston, 50, looks young thanks to her highlights, loose waves, and face-framing layers. It looks great with her olive skin.

Golden highlights

A big hairstyle isn't always necessary. For women with straight hair, a cut just below the shoulders with a soft curl feels modern and natural.

Medium-length haircut

Oily roots make fine hair look drab, dirty, and lifeless. Carole recommends Helen Mirren's asymmetrical cut.

Asymmetrical bob

Ele recommends layers for curly hair, but not too short, or they'll make your face look rounder and wider. 

Ombre ringlet hairstyle

Mix and match hair colors for natural-looking highlights. Kate Beckinsale's highlights open her face and highlight her eyes.

Bronze highlights

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