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10 Best Heartache Broken Heart Tattoo Ideas

Medium-sized tattoo with gothic and realistic elements. Gothic tattoos go well with broken heart designs.

Shattered Heart Realistic Tattoo Design

Broken heart tattoo is eye-catching. The artist chose bright colors and a real heart, not a heart shape.

Anatomical Heart Tattoo

The tattoo artist simplified and modernized the broken heart design. This red heart tattoo symbolizes loss and pain. 

Broken Heart Tattoo Design With A Sad Face Motif Inside

Cute tattoos! Beautifully simple. Both depict whole and broken hearts. 

Cute Minimalist Broken Heart Tattoo With A Heart Shape Motif

Simple tattoo. Black ink and bold outlines create a jewel-adorned woman holding a broken heart.

Sad Woman With A Broken Heart Tattoo Design

The Devil Edition sounds like a gothic-and-broken-heart tattoo. This stunning piece combines two opposing motifs.

Broken Heart Tattoo – The Devil Edition

This tattoo is similar to another we've covered, but it has a unique twist. Most heartbreak tattoos are dark or edgy, which adds sadness.

Broken Glass Heart With Barb Wire Framing Tattoo

This piece is sure to please. This simple tattoo is one of the most beautiful. Here, the pierced heart is the clearest message of heartbreak.

Dainty Little Broken Heart Tattoo Pierced With A Knife

The depressed and tearful face of the woman inside the heart speaks volumes. Dot work makes this black heart tattoo stand out.

Sad Face Broken Heart Tattoo Design

Last, but certainly not least, is this illustration of a broken heart with a woman's face. It's great for both men and women.

Broken Heart Black Illustration Tattoo

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