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Benefits of a Morning Walk

Morning walks can boost energy. Outdoors especially. 20-minute outdoor walks gave adults more energy than indoor walks.

1. Boost your energy

Morning walks have health benefits. A walk can boost self-esteem, mood, stress, anxiety, and fatigue. reduce depression symptoms/risk

2. Improve your mood

By walking in the morning, you'll finish your physical activity before family, work, or school obligations derail you.

3. Complete your physical activity for the day

Morning walks may aid weight loss. Moderate 30-minute walking burns 150 calories. You may lose weight with a healthy diet and strength training.

4. It may help you lose weight

Walking can boost your immunity, prevent and manage health conditions, and more. 

5. Prevent or manage health conditions

Walking strengthens leg muscles. Moderate to brisk walking is best. Try climbing stairs, walking up and down hills, or using a treadmill incline.

6. Strengthen muscles

Morning walks improve focus and clarity. A recent study found that morning walkers have better cognitive function than sedentary adults.

7. Improve mental clarity

Morning exercise may help you sleep at night. A 2017 study observed 55-65-year-olds with insomnia or trouble falling asleep.

8. Sleep better at night

In the summer or if you live in a warm climate year-round, walking in the morning lets you exercise before it gets too hot.

9. Beat the heat

Walking in the morning may help you make healthier choices later. You may feel more energized and less sleep-deprived after walking.

10. Make healthier choices throughout the day

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