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Outlandish Androgynous Hairstyles for Girls

Men and women look good with braided Mohawks. This hairstyle's shaved sides, voluminous Mohawk, and strength make it great for androgynous ladies.

1. Shaved Sides And Mohawk Braids

Afro-style is free and powerful. Short hair can be androgynous. Complete the look by shortening the sides.

2. Short Curls

You don't need to be outrageous to be creative and brave. Short androgynous hairstyles also work.

3. Minimalistic Pompadour

Pixie cuts are trendy and beautiful. This cut is versatile. You may make your pixie look androgynous. 

4. Pixie Cut

Cool women aren't self-conscious. They rock to their own beat. You should have creative, empowered hair.

5. Cool Short Blonde Hair

This blunt haircut is perfect for bold women. Buzzed sides highlight the lengthy top. 

6. Flat Top

African-American women can start fresh by cutting their tight coils short, keeping the top longer than the sides. 

7. Salmon Coils

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