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11 Best Health Benefits Of Cashew Nuts

Despite popular belief, cashews are heart-healthy. Cashews contain fatty acids, potassium, and antioxidants. It has phytosterols, phenols, and oleic acid.

1: May prevent cardiovascular diseases 

Cashews are rich in unsaturated fats, minerals, and L-arginine. It reduces blood pressure by dilation.

2: Help lower the blood pressure 

Cashews lower type 2 diabetics' blood sugar. Fiber prevents blood sugar spikes. 3-4 cashews per day are recommended due to calories.

3: May prevent and control diabetes

Cashews are full of healthy zinc and vitamins. Zinc boosts immunity and is essential for cell processes. Zinc provides zinc and vitamins that boost immunity.

4: Immunity booster 

Cashews have all the minerals needed for healthy bones. Copper and calcium in cashews strengthen bones. Copper synthesizes collagen, keeping joints flexible.

5: It May help strengthen bones

To stay active, the brain needs a steady supply of fatty acids from food. Cashew nuts may help boost brain functions and memory. 

6: Help boost brain functions 

Cashews are a snack and nut mix ingredient. Cashews are high in calories, proteins, and fibers, which make you full and kill cravings.

7: Help control weight 

Cashews contain selenium, zinc, iron, and antioxidant-rich oil. It keeps your skin young and fresh. Copper increases elastin and collagen. 

8: Good for health 

Copper in cashews produces melanin, which enhances hair color. Essential fatty acids maintain healthy, shiny hair.

9: Beneficial for hair 

Cashews contain UV-protective zeaxanthin and lutein. Antioxidant pigments in the eyes protect against damaging light and may reduce the risk of AMD and cataracts.

10: Good for eye health 

Zinc in cashew nuts improves male sperm count and fertility. Cashews may help control weight and diabetes, increasing male fertility.

11: May increase male fertility

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