Cracked Heels

Cracked Heels: Top 8 Home Remedies

For many people, cracked heels are the bane of their existence. They’re unattractive, they feel rough and unpleasant, and they’re sometimes painful to walk on. Fortunately, there are plenty of different remedies you can use at home to get rid of cracked heels once and for all so you can finally enjoy smooth feet again! Here are eight great home remedies that will help you get smooth heels fast!

1) Olive oil

Olive oil is high in monounsaturated fat, which helps to increase skin elasticity. Massage a small amount of olive oil into your cracked heels and cover with cotton socks to let it soak in overnight. You can also use a pumice stone or foot file to remove dead skin from your heels if you do not want to use olive oil. Do not apply any lotions or moisturizers after applying olive oil as they may make your feet greasy.

Add one-half cup of lemon juice and a tablespoon of glycerin to two cups of water. Soak your feet in it daily and then massage your cracked heels with olive oil. If you find olive oil too greasy, mix equal amounts of glycerin and lemon juice and soak your feet in it instead. After soaking, apply petroleum jelly or foot cream to keep moisture locked in. You may also want to add one-quarter cup apple cider vinegar mixed with three cups water to your foot bath as an alternative treatment for cracked heels. Vinegar is a natural antiseptic that can help to clear up fungal infections from cracks on your feet and allow them to heal more quickly than if left untreated.

2) Avocado

Avocado is a perfect ingredient for cracked heels, since it contains plenty of essential nutrients that help skin renewal and repair. All you need to do is mash up an avocado and spread it over your heels. The antioxidants from avocado will help boost collagen production, which will give you softer and smoother feet. Leave it on overnight or while you’re at work or school; by morning, your cracked heels should have become soft and smooth again.

If you’re not a fan of avocado, you can replace it with another fruit-based remedy. Apples and bananas are among some fruits that work just as well as avocados. You can also use honey or turmeric to help soften your feet and give them back their healthy glow. Combine them with lime juice to make a thick paste; leave it on overnight, or while at work or school. In no time, your cracked heels should be soft again!

3) Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a miracle ingredient. It has many medicinal uses and one of them is healing cracked heels. You can apply it to your feet, let it sit overnight, and then wash it off in the morning using warm water. If you want to get rid of cracked heels fast, coconut oil is a great option for you!

This home remedy works so well because of its antibacterial properties. The mixture will help to soften and heal cracked heels fast. If you’re not a fan of coconut oil, however, you can also use tea tree oil or aloe vera gel instead. Both are easy to find at local drugstores and offer similar healing benefits as coconut oil. If you have sensitive skin, it’s also important to note that these ingredients may cause irritation on your feet. For sensitive skin, try mixing a little bit of baking soda with warm water before applying it onto your feet.

4) Egg whites

The protein in egg whites can heal and tighten your skin. Separate your eggs, beat only the whites until stiff, then apply it to your heels using a brush or a cotton ball. Leave on for at least 20 minutes (you can sleep with it if you like), and rinse off with lukewarm water. Egg white also helps make your nails stronger and shinier.

Another natural ingredient you can use to smooth your heels is coconut oil. You can make a foot scrub out of it, or just apply it directly to your feet and leave it on for 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water. For an alternative, mix up two tablespoons of sea salt with two tablespoons of lemon juice. Apply that mix to your cracked heels, then wrap them in plastic wrap and go to bed with them (to trap all of that moisture in). In the morning, rinse off and voila! Beautiful feet once again.

Cracked Heels

5) Baking soda and apple cider vinegar

Soak your feet in a mix of warm water and baking soda or apple cider vinegar, which can help break down corns. This will also soften calluses. Repeat daily to get rid of cracked heels fast. Olive oil: Massage your feet with olive oil two times a day to relieve cracked heels due to dryness caused by air conditioning, long hours spent indoors or an overly harsh soap/shampoo routine. Fruits and vegetables: Apply aloe vera gel twice a day or soak your feet in cucumber juice and lemon juice from fresh fruits such as lemons and limes (or even oranges!) to beat those cracked heels.

Even with natural ingredients, your feet may still feel like they’re on fire. To alleviate some of that burning sensation, soak a towel in cold water and apply it to your cracked heels until it feels cool.
Olive oil – Second Paragraph: As you continue to massage your feet with olive oil, you may notice a white chalky substance form around them as it absorbs into your skin. This is totally normal! Don’t worry about removing it — just let it be absorbed by your skin and wash off any excess when you shower.

6) Corn starch

In a small bowl, mix together 1⁄4 cup corn starch with 1 cup warm water until dissolved. Soak feet in warm bath water for 10 minutes, and then rinse well with cool water. Pat dry with a soft towel, and apply cornstarch mixture while feet are still damp; let dry completely before putting on socks or shoes. This should help take away some of that roughness, though you may have to repeat once per week to see a long-term effect. You can also try mixing 1⁄4 cup of crushed aspirin into 2 cups hot water (aspirin is sometimes used to help remove calluses); soak feet as described above and allow to air dry; overnight may work best if you’re looking for quick results.

If your feet are rough and cracked, there are some simple ways to fix them. Start by keeping your feet as dry as possible—air-dry after bathing and regularly use a lotion on your heels after showering. If you have very dry skin, try putting a thick moisturizer on overnight so it can absorb while you sleep; just be sure to wash it off in the morning before you put shoes on. Over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream is also an option that will help relieve itching and reduce inflammation.
You may also want to try using cornstarch or baby powder to help ease discomfort.

7) Sugar scrub

Sugar scrub is a great way to exfoliate and get rid of dead skin cells. Mix 1/2 cup sugar with 2 tablespoons olive oil. Scrub your feet with it at least once per week. Just before getting in bed, soak your feet in warm water mixed with white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. Follow up by slathering on some lotion that contains hyaluronic acid (it helps reduce scarring). Dip your heels in lemon juice and honey and let them sit overnight. In the morning, rinse them off with lukewarm water and gently pat dry. Throw away any loose flaking skin as well as calluses using a pumice stone after every shower or bath using gentle circular motions from heel to toe.

Mix 2 tablespoons olive oil with 1/2 cup sugar to form a thick paste. Scoop it onto your feet, and then massage into skin using circular motions. You can either rinse off or leave on, and then follow up with some moisturizer on your heels to lock in moisture.
Get rid of cracked heels – Third Paragraph: Follow up by soaking your feet in warm water mixed with some vinegar (either white or apple cider). The acidic content will help keep them exfoliated as well as promote circulation. Don’t forget to slather on some hyaluronic acid-based lotion after that—it helps reduce scarring from cracks.

8) Oatmeal and honey

Oatmeal is rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are very beneficial to our skin. You can add a spoonful of honey to it and apply on cracked heels as a mask once a week. It will exfoliate your dry heels and soften them with its natural moisturizers. Wash off after 20 minutes, when you feel tingling sensation on your feet. Apply some petroleum jelly or almond oil to make sure that your feet stay soft all day long. Before going to bed, soak feet in lukewarm water mixed with baking soda and lemon juice to soften dead skin cells that might be blocking moisture from reaching deeper layers of your skin. Do it three times a week before going out with bare feet on concrete surfaces – it will save you from cracks!

Another amazing remedy is coconut oil, which has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. You can either get it raw or refined, but make sure to read labels carefully because not all refined oils are created equal. Try mixing one part of melted coconut oil with two parts of turmeric powder – turmeric also has potent anti-inflammatory properties that will help soothe your feet – and apply on cracked heels. Or massage your feet with a mixture of avocado and olive oil three times a week.

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